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2-24-2011 GWETV will not be moving forward with plans to erect a National Television Network. This decision was made this morning after investors did not keep their words. However the company will move forward with new plans. Details will be available soon. All those who have contributed even as much as a phone call on behalf of GWETV you are appreciated and we pray for your rise and protection to our Creator on behalf of the fine example that you have displayed. FRUA will now be a part of GWETV Online News Broadcast. Plans will proceed for all Performing Artist on the GWE Label. More news to come.

2-14-2011 GWETV shares a documentary of Goree Island & the Slave House in Senegal Africa with the world. You can watch or purchase it here "Click"

1-8-2011 - CEO Philip Muhammad who is also a member of the Peace Keepers interviews Captain Dennis Muhammad and new international Director of the Peacekeepers Sarah Van Beek for the Peace Keeper initiative of 2011 and 2010 in review.

12-14-2010 - CEO Philip Muhammad arrives in Dekar, Senegal Africa as a Hip Hop Delegate to represent the U.S. Hip Hop Nation along with the New Future Foundation to attend FESMAN 2010. During his stay he performed on National Television and addressed multiple heads of State and country men from all over the world on issues concerning Science and Technology, the Renaissance of Africa and the future of Hip Hop Culture in Senegal. Members of the Delegation also included Queen Momma Africa (Mother Delois Blakely) who heads the NFF, and Carl Brown Co-Founder of FUBU. GWETV plans to launch footage and interviews of Queen Momma Africa's visit soon!

12-10-10 GWETV CEO Posts a response to erroneous report on To read both the erroneous report and our CEO's response to the conjecture based remarks "Click Here" . Also for the record GWETV never claimed to have a deal with Time Warner Cable as this foul report suggest. We are striving to create a National Television network with the help of the All Mighty. God's Water is protected by the Son of Man who is the Judge of us All!

12-09-10 GWETV signs KRIB-TV a new talk show coming soon.

11/5/2010 GWETV releases new videos which prove that there are real so-called UFO's in New York City. Our CEO filmed them. To watch it "Click Here"E

GWETV launches the interview with Philip Muhammad & Brookyln's 1st Professiaonl Female Boxer out of Canarsie Melissa X. To watch it "Click Here"

Real so-called UFO appears on the set of GWETV's interview with Melissa X. To watch it "Click Here"

We would like to thank each and everyone who attended and supported our recent Fashion Extravaganza at the National Black Theater of Harlem. We are posting scenes from the show on our youtube page "Click Here". We are also accepting donations to help forward our company into the future "Click Here".

Get the lates MP3 of "Pull Up Your Pants and Dance" by David Dj James "Click Here"

Queen Mother Hip Hop alleges that Million Dollar box office classic hit "Sister Act" starring Whoopi Goldberg was her idea and that her script was stolen by Tri-Star Films. See our exclusive interview at her home in Harlem on video "Click Here"

GWETV's founder interveiws the founder of the PeaceKeeper's movement "Click Here" to enter the PK's website and to read it now!

Investors in our company are sure to win big. Contact us for details.

KRS One of Boogie Down Productions has named Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely who is the Community Mayor of Harlem, "Queen Mother Hip Hop".

GWETV is scouting your area of the woods, hoods, highways & byways for fresh talent. Your original show content may qualify for inclusion in our upcoming line up for the highly anticipated launch of our television network in the fall of 2010. If you or someone you know is looking for that big break into the business make that call to GWETV television network now! Want to help spread the word (Download our flyer)

GWETV is looking for an animator also African-American cartoon series. National Exposure is your gift for participation which may lead to a contract provided that the film or footage qualifies. Contact us for details.




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