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The mission of GWETV is currently being renewed. More information will be available soon. Thank you for your patatience. A renewed commitment is soon to take in effect.

At GWETV our employees are here to serve your needs. The dedication that we present will bring forth of tomorrows entertainment executives and representatives of the future. A qualified example and deep rooted tree should be supported with reason. Please feel free to continue to explore our website for panoramic view of GWETV. We are sure to please you who thirst for an improved condition in the current expansion of choices in positive entertainment today. We're coming soon to a lounge near you.


Founder & CEO

Philip "Senistar" Muhammad founder of God's Water Entertainment Television (GWETV) started in the industry of music & entertainment as a multi talented young teen. He was the a choreographer of the first ever Hip Hop Break Dance & Electric Boogie Class in New York's Board of Education. He rose in popularity as a youth as an incredibly talented human beat box and graphic artist. In the 80's Philip founded of one of the 1st Black History Classes in the history of the Board of Education in New York during his High School years at Louis D. Brandies in New York City. Philip was also employed as an executive protection officer for Andre Horrell's Uptown Records during the emergence of Puff Daddy & Mary J. Blige. Also in the early 90's he worked as an assistant supervisor at Radio City Music Hall merchandising, and in 2001 he worked as an assistant Supervisor at Time Warner Cable where he was chosen to work at the helm of the cable recovery effort during 9/11. He later worked as Russell Simmon's a trusted night watchmen over the Simmon's Family's Multi-Million Dollar Estate. In 2007 Philip was appointed Coordinator of the Ministry of Science & Technology of the Millions More Movement in New York City. Throughout his history he has been noted as having a great multitude of talents ranging from creating award winning videos, poetry, web sites, & even managing underground performing artist on the Gods Water label. Today Mr. Muhammad heads the growing empire of God's Water Entertainment. GWETV is our new flag ship. Enjoy the exciting climb to excellence with this rising entrepreneur in what promises to be one of the greatest institutions of the millennium to be shared with the entire human family.

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